My passion towards collecting antiques started since 1990, having collected for over 2 decades. I thought it is the time to share my interests with the likeminded friends.

India has as always been the nucleus of varied culture and heritage steeped in history throughout all ages. I take this opportunity to bring back the heritage of our ancestors in our X-generation. Out of huge collection I have display only few.


I have an unique collection of antique vessels and other essentials dates back 1400 A D and so. This royal collection counts for more than 250 in number and still counting. These antiques of copper, brass, alloy and iron still delivers its authenticity.


The legacy and history is always represented by coins. My hunt for coins landed me with more than 2000 coins of 70 countries in different periods between 1800 AD and till date. Which are all made of Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, Alloy and Aluminium. I do possess currencies of different countries belonging to different periods more than 100 in number.


Change is the only constant thing in this world. From pigeons to e-mail communication transformed rapidly leaving many modes extinct. I envisaged to take the legacy called postal stamps to our offspring before it becomes extinct or exhibition product.

My flair for stamps led me to collect more than 4000 in numbers of 160 countries. To the surprise, my collection includes more than 400 varieties of Indian vintage stamps.

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